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Fosomax is a bisphosphonate, a drug prescribed for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Its generic name is alendronate. It slows down bone loss and increases bone mass to prevent bone fractures.  Its manufacturer is Merck & Company. The FDA approved this drug in September 1995. Fosomax is available in solution and tablet form. It is taken once a day, or once a week depending on the prescription made by the doctor.

It is usually taken first thin in the morning, or at least half an hour before the patient eats or drinks anything. The entire pill is swallowed.  After taking the drug, the patient should not eat or drink anything except water. He or she is also barred from lying down or reclining for at least half an hour. The patient’s bone mineral density will be regularly tested to ensure that Fosomax is helping improve his condition. The use of this medicine could take up to five years. The drug is considered a part of a holistic treatment program for osteoporosis which includes diet changes, regular exercise and taking of vitamin supplements.

Fosomax Cost Information

Fosomax prices vary. The store that sells the drug and the strength of the tablets are some of the factors that may affect the prices of the medication. Patients who would like to avail of discounts can do so by using discount coupons accepted by online stores.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

5mg30 tablets$98.78
10mg30 tablets$94.90
40mg30 tablets$210.32


5mg30 tablets$94.28
10mg30 tablets$94.28
40mg30 tablets$209.42


5mg30 tablets$94.28
10mg30 tablets$94.28
40mg30 tablets$207.37


5mg30 tablets$94.28
10mg30 tablets$94.28
40mg30 tablets$206.62

Rite Aid

5mg30 tablets$96.87
10mg30 tablets$96.87
40mg30 tablets$210.82


5mg30 tablets$94.28
10mg30 tablets$94.28
40mg30 tablets$208.06


5mg30 tablets$99.37
10mg30 tablets$96.74
40mg30 tablets$210.57


5mg30 tablets$95.70
10mg30 tablets$93.13
40mg30 tablets$203.68

Short-Term Side Effects

FosomaxThe use of Fosomax may cause side effects like chest pains, heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, and pain felt in the back or under the ribs. Some users also complain of severe pain in the joints, bones and muscles, as well as pain in the thigh or hips. Others experience fever, body aches and flu-like symptoms like cough and cold. Other short-term side effects of this drug include jaw pain, swelling and numbness.

Long-Term Side Effects

The constant use of Fosomax could give rise to side effects like bloating, mild heartburn, mild nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. Users may also experience diarrhea, gas, and constipation, as well as mild joint pain or swelling.  There could also be swelling in the hands or feet, as well as dizziness, headache and pain in the eyes.


Certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, meloxicam, celecoxib, diclofenac, indomethacin, among others, may interact with Fosamax. This can negate the effectiveness of the drug and increase the risks of side effects.

How it Works

Fosamax strengthens the bone by preventing bone removal by cells called osteoclasts, which is responsible for old bone removal. It is particularly effective for women who are in their menopausal stage, where an increased rate of bone loss leading to osteoporosis is observed.

Generic Alternatives

If the use of Fosomax has resulted to the continued manifestation of side effects, it is recommended to discontinue treatment using the said drugs. Instead, other alternatives may be used like teriparatide, an injection for new bone growth and denosumab, an injection given every six months. Other substitutes are reloxifene and calcitonin nasal spray.

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