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Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, Zofran is a drug prescribed by doctors for prevention of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and post-surgery. This drug is only for prevention, thus it cannot treat nausea or vomiting that is already occurring. Its generic name is ondansetron. Zofran is available in tablet, syrup and injection forms. Its main ingredient is ondansetron hydrocholoride dehydrate which belongs to a group of medicines called 5HT3 antagonists.

Dosage of Zofran varies depending on the patient’s age, medical condition and other medications currently being taken. The usual dose of this drug for high-risk chemotherapy is 24 mg, or three 8 mg tablets taken thrice a day. The drug is taken 30 minutes prior to chemotherapy. For medium-risk chemotherapy, Zofran is given at 8 mg taken twice a day. The first dose is taken half an hour prior to chemotherapy with the second dose taken eight hours later.

Zofran Cost Information

The price of Zofran varies depending on the certain factors. Online stores commonly have cheaper prices, with a 4 mg pill retailing for less than 80 cents. The price can be even lower if the buyer uses appropriate discount codes.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

4mg30 disintegrating tablets$687.41
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$745.79


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$672.74
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$746.29


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$673.49
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$762.19


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$672.74
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$746.29

Rite Aid

4mg30 disintegrating tablets$687.66
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$786.04


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$676.37
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$750.27


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$765.00
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$761.12


4mg30 disintegrating tablets$667.04
8mg20 disintegrating tablets$754.24

Short-Term Side Effects

ZofranThere is a risk that Zofan can cause side effects like confusion, dizziness, fever, weakness, headache, shortness of breath and fast heartbeat. These side effects will slowly disappear as the body adjusts to the medication. Other short-term side effects of Zofran decreased urination or urine volume, difficulty in passing urine, pain in the chest, arms, back or jaw, chest tightness, cough, convulsions and dry mouth.

Long-Term Side Effects

Continued use of Zofran may result to long term side effects. These include difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing, irregular heartbeat, loss of appetite, loss of bladder control, itching, irritability, mood swings, and numbness in the hands and feet. Some long-time users also experience unusual fatigue, wheezing, body jerking and tightness in the chest.

How It Works

Vomiting is controlled by the brain through an area referred to as the vomiting center. It is in this area where feelings of sickness and vomiting reflex are processed by the brain. Chemotherapy can cause the release of a substance called serotonin (5HT) in the gut, causing nerve messages to be sent to the vomiting center. Serotonin also activates 5HT3 receptors that trigger nausea and vomiting. Zofran prevents nausea and vomiting brought about by chemotherapy by blocking the 5HT3 receptors located in the brain.


Certain drugs can interact with Zofran and increase the risks of health problems like abnormal heart rhythm. These drugs include anti-cancer medications like trastuzumab, antiarrhythmics or medicines for abnormal heartbeats such as amiodarone, sotalol and disopyramide. Antihistamines like terfenadine and mizolastine may also interact negatively with Zofran, as well as antidepressants like amitriptyline, maprotiline and imipramine.

Generic Alternatives

If Zofran is not appropriate for use of a patient due to certain considerations like increased incidence of serious side effects, substitutes may be prescribed by a doctor. One of these substitutes is scopolamine transdermal patch that is placed on the skin behind the ear. The  other one is Ondansetrot, which is generic brand.

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