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If you have chronic dry eyes disease, you may be prescribed Restasisby your doctor to treat the condition. This eye drop is an improvement over artificial tears, which are over-the-counter lubricants that can help moisten your eyes. However, the relief artificial tears provide is only temporary. Restasis can actually help increase the ability of your eyes to naturally produce tears.

Restasis Cost Information

The Restasis price depends on many factors, including the size of the purchase and where you bought it from. A 12ml purchase may cost about $58.50, but the 48ml version will only cost $184. There may also be a shipping cost involved if you buy it online, thereby increasing the total Restasis cost.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$322.79
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$639.33
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$955.87


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$323.29
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$639.83
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$907.70


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$324.04
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$640.58
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$908.51


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$323.34
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$639.88
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$908.01

Rite Aid

30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$329.80
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$652.59
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$975.39


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$325.28
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$610.59
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$908.81


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$329.99
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$652.78
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$974.92


30 vials of 0.4ml2 packet$322.66
30 vials of 0.4ml4 packet$640.33
30 vials of 0.4ml6 packet$954.99

Restasis may also be bought in vials. The Restasis price for an order of 30 vials may exceed $60, although an order of 90 vials may cost less than $170. Again, for online shoppers there may also be a shipping cost. However, for both types of purchases (in ml bottles or in doses) the shipping cost may be waived by an online pharmacy if the purchase volume is large enough.

Side Effects

The pain in your wallet is not the only Restasis price you have to pay. Some people who use Restasis may experience some side effects as well.The most common side effect is a burning sensation in the eyes. You may feel some pain, itching, stinging, or in your eyes. You may feel that there’s something your eye, or you may have some discharge come from your eyes. Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and headaches are also possible side effects. The most common side effect is a burning sensation in the eyes. You may feel some pain, itching, stinging, or in your eyes. You may feel that there’s something your eye, or you may have some discharge come from your eyes.

restasisBlurred vision, sensitivity to light, and headaches are also possible side effects. You may also experience an allergic reaction (such as a rash or breathing difficulties) if you are allergic to the main ingredient Cyclosporine or to the other ingredients it contains. It is also important that the eye dropper should remain sterile. It should not come into contact with any surface, including your own eyes and hands.

The contamination of the dropper may cause an infection in your eyes. You should refrain from taking Restasis if you have any kind of infection in your eyes. The effect of Restasis is also uncertain regarding its effects on an unborn baby or to a breast feeding infant. You should inform your doctor beforehand if you are pregnant or if you plan on breastfeeding. If you missed your scheduled Restasis use, do it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, you should skip the missed dose. Just take the next scheduled dose, but do NOT double the dose to compensate.


You should not use eye drops or any dry eyes medication when you use Restasis, unless with the explicit approval of your doctor. Restasis may be used with artificial tears, although you must wait for at least 15 minutes after using Restasis or artificial tears before using the other. To be safe, you should tell your doctor whether you are using (or planning to use) other prescription (or even over the counter medicines) before your take Restasis. Even taking vitamin or herbal supplements should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

How Restasis Works

Restasis is part of the group of medications known as immune-modulators or anti-inflammatories. Your doctor may prescribe Restasis for you if you have a moderate or even moderately severe case of dry eyes disease. According to studies, the cyclosporine in the Restasis eye drops affects the immune cells in the eyes. It lessens the inflammation that may be the cause of the dry eyes. Restasis must be used in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. If you don’t understand the instructions, tell your doctor.

You should wash your hands before using Restasis, and if you are wearing contact lenses you should take them out first. You can put back your contact lenses 15 minutes after putting in the Restasis in your eyes.

  1. Unless your doctor gives you special instructions, you should only take Restasis twice a day and about 12 hours apart (8am and 8pm, for example).
  2. Turn the bottle upside down gently a few times before you use it. This will result in a uniformly white mixture inside the bottle.
  3. When administering, tilt your head back a little and pull down on your lower eyelid. Place the dropper above your eye while you look up and away from the dropper. Squeeze a drop for an eye and then close the eye. Do the same for the other eye if your doctor tells you to.
  4. Keep the Restasis bottle properly capped. Store it at room temperature, and away from heat and moisture.

Generic Alternatives

The generic name of Restasis is cyclosporine, and you can find several alternatives carrying that generic name. Other brands of cyclosporine include Restasis, Sandimmune, Neoral, and Gengraf. However, it is important that you don’t substitute a different brand of cyclosporine for another, as each brand may not work exactly like another.

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