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Nasonex  is a prescription drug for the treatment and prevention of nasal problems like sneezing, congestion and runny nose brought about by seasonal allergies. It is also prescribed for treatment of growths in nasal polyps. Its generic name is mometasone. This drug is produced and marketed by Schering- Plough Corporation. Nasonex  is available in nasal spray form.

Doctors usually recommend the use of this nasal spray once or twice a day. Dosage may differ depending on the condition being treated. For nasal allergies, the recommended dosage for children and adults at least 12 years old is two sprays in each nostril once a day. Children at least 2 years old up to 11 years old may spray it once in each nostril. For the treatment of nasal polyps, two sprays in each nostril are needed twice a day by adults suffering from the said condition. But children are not allowed to use Nasonex to treat the said condition.

Nasonex Cost Information

Nasonex price varies depending on the pharmacy or online store that sells it. One nasal spray of 17g Nasonex can range from $150 to $160. Buyers can get price cut if they use discount codes accepted by online stores.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$187.00
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$375.00
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$565.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$175.00
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$347.00
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$523.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$180.00
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$313.65
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$561.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$188.00
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$312.90
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$550.00

Rite Aid

17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$204.99
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$410.00
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$615.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$182.00
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$363.00
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$545.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$174.99
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$367.00
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$545.00


17g of 50mcg1 nasal spray$157.17
17g of 50mcg2 nasal sprays$312.33
17g of 50mcg3 nasal sprays$467.50

NasonexShort-Term Side Effects

Most of the side effects of Nasonex manifest a day or two after the first use of the drug. The side effects usually go away once the body adjusts to the medication. The most commonly experienced side effect is headache which occurs in 1 out of 4 people who used Nasonex. Other short term side effects are viral infections including the common cold, nosebleeds, sore throat and painful menstrual cramps. Some users also complain of pain in the muscles, vomiting and sinus infections. To a lesser degree, side effects like asthma, bronchitis, chest pain, diarrhea, earaches, nausea and upset stomach may also occur. Patients are advised to see their doctors immediately if these side effects continue for days.

Long-Term Side Effects

The use of Nasonex can also give rise to long-term side effects that could be serious and thus reported immediately to the healthcare provider. These side effects include changes in the menstrual period, acne, weight gain in certain parts of the body like abdomen and upper back, and unexplained stretch marks. Some users of Nasonex also complain of infections that don’t go away and frequent nosebleeds both of which could be side effects of the drug.

How It Works

Nasonex is a steroid that has different effects in the human body, including anti-inflammation. Most nasal polyps are associated with chronic or long-term inflammation due to nasal allergies. By decreasing inflammation in the body, Nasonex effectively treats nasal polyps.


Nasonex can interact with Nizoral (brand name ketoconazole). The simultaneous use of Nizoral and Nasonex can increase the risks of side effects caused by the latter.

Generic Alternatives

If the use of Nasonex becomes too bothersome or the serious side effects persist, a patient may take other alternatives like Nasacort, Veramyst, and Rhinocort.

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