Losartan Price

Losartan is an angiotensin II antagonist, the first to be marketed and generally prescribed by doctors for the treatment of high blood pressure especially for the under 55 demographic known to be intolerant of ACE inhibitors. Another illness for which it is used is diabetic nephropathy, a renal disease common in patients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, microalbuminuria, and proteinuria. Its most common trade name for marketing purposes is Cozaar. The drug is also available in combination with hydrochlorothiazide which is usually prescribed for an additive antihypertensive effect.

Short-Term Side Effects

The most common short term side effects of Losartan include upper respiratory infections, stuffy nose, dizziness, and back pain. For diabetics, common side effects would include diarrhea, fatigue, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, elevated potassium levels, as well as chest pain. Worse but rare are low blood pressure and some allergic reactions. Such conditions usually go away on their own after a day or two, but it is still recommended that you stop medication and consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Long-Term Side Effects

Losartan-TrueMedCostLong term use of Losartan could bring about fetal death for pregnant women, especially during the second or third trimester. Prolonged usage has also been associated with the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue which leads to kidney failure. Patients with history of kidney or liver related diseases, as well as congestive heart failure and electrolyte imbalance are asked to consult a doctor first. Continuous intake of the drug is said to worsen the mentioned pre-existing conditions.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

25mg30 Tablets$43.00
50mg30 Tablets$53.00
100mg30 Tablets$68.00


25mg30 Tablets$60.00
50mg30 Tablets$64.00
100mg30 Tablets$86.00


25mg30 Tablets$47.00
50mg30 Tablets$70.29
100mg30 Tablets$81.00


25mg30 Tablets$43.00
50mg30 Tablets$53.00
100mg30 Tablets$95.95

Rite Aid

25mg30 Tablets$56.00
50mg30 Tablets$70.00
100mg30 Tablets$100.00

Sams Club

25mg30 Tablets$44.00
50mg30 Tablets$68.00
100mg30 Tablets$94.25


25mg30 Tablets$38.00
50mg30 Tablets$58.00
100mg30 Tablets$96.00


25mg30 Tablets$51.00
50mg30 Tablets$59.00
100mg30 Tablets$77.99


25mg30 Tablets$50.00
50mg30 Tablets$58.99
100mg30 Tablets$76.89

Drug Interaction

Losartan has several known drug interactions which should be avoided in fear of serious side effects which could prove to be lethal at some point. If you are taking medication such as diuretics, blood pressure regulators, calecoxib, aliskirin, aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen, diclofenac, indomethacin, or meloxicam, then it is advised that you consult your doctor first in order to know some alternatives which could work better for your situation. Since the drug could cause dizziness, it is not recommended to take it before driving or anything which requires a heightened alertness state.

How It Works

What Losartan does is to manipulate the end organ responses of a substance called angiotensin II, the reduction of which causes a decrease in aldosterone level which has positive effects in effective blood pressure regulation. The activity of plasma renin is then significantly increased, brought about by the subsequent removal of angiotensin II.

Generic Alternatives

Losartan Price depends on the drugstore from which you are buying. The average Losartan Price tends to fall between the $8 to $27 range for 30 tablets of 50 mg from retailer stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Walgreens. Losartan Price could be significantly reduced if a promo coupon is presented in certain drugstores or purchased online. Losartan is the generic name of Cozaar and comes predominantly in tablet form of 50 mg each. The only widely distributed brand name is Cozaar. The drug is also referred to as Losartan potassium tablets

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