Lipitor Price

Lipitor is one of the the world’s best selling drugs. Here is what you need to know about Lipitor before you use it. This drug is used to treat a person with high cholesterol, as well as people who have inherited a cholesterol disorder. Using this medication means that you have to change your lifestyle including switching your diet to low cholesterol, increase the amount of your daily exercise and quitting smoking and drinking. This medicine works by blocking the enzyme that is used to build cholesterol in the liver. If that enzyme is blocked, the cholesterol that is being produced in the patient’s liver decreases which causes the cholesterol in the blood to decrease as well.

Lipitor price

Lipitor is also used to reduce the person’s risk of having a heart attack. Adolescents, within ages of 10 to 17, who have high cholesterol level or a background of heart attack in their families can also use this medication. Lipitor comes in different brand names and in varied forms. A particular brand name of this drug is not available in all forms. Some forms of Lipitor are not used in all conditions. Take the advice of your doctor when taking this medication, and do not stop taking it unless your doctor says so. If you have no idea why you have to take this drug, go to your doctor and discuss it with him or her. When you know someone with the same condition as you have, do not give them this medication. It is dangerous to take this medication without the prescription from the doctor.

Lipitor Cost Information

The cost of Lipitor may vary depending on the quantity, dosage, insurance and even the pharmacy that sells this product. Before you buy this medicine, make sure that you compare best prices from pharmacies below. These prices are without prescription insurance and if you have insurance, you should call the particular pharmacy to verify the exact price.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

10mg30 tablets $156.22
20mg30 tablets $220.28
40mg30 tablets $220.28
80mg30 tablets $220.28


10mg30 tablets $156.72
20mg30 tablets $221.07
40mg30 tablets $221.07
80mg30 tablets $221.07


10mg30 tablets $151.59
20mg30 tablets $218.33
40mg30 tablets $218.33
80mg30 tablets $218.33


10mg30 tablets $157.03
20mg30 tablets $221.64
40mg30 tablets $221.34
80mg30 tablets $221.34


10mg30 tablets $156.45
20mg30 tablets $209.16
40mg30 tablets $223.08
80mg30 tablets $223.08


10mg30 tablets $153.14
20mg30 tablets $216.32
40mg30 tablets $216.32
80mg30 tablets $216.32

Short-Term Side Effects

Intake of this medicine may result in platelet aggregation and an endothelial dysfunction. Short term treatment using this medicine may cause the patient to improve the condition when he/she has asthma or any lung disorder.

Long-Term Side Effects

Lipitor reduces the risk of having a heart attack and any disease related to cardiovascular system. The drug is very effective yet not the entire product is perfect. There is always the good side and the bad side of it. Long term usage of this medication may result in complications in the user’s health problems. Sometimes it may be worse than the disease being treated by Lipitor.

The patient may suffer from liver problems, muscle problems and memory loss. Like any other drug, Lipitor has many other side effects as well. Even though these are serious side effects, millions of patients are still using this medication for its health benefits. Those with a cardiovascular disorder will find the effect of this medication very risky.


Before you take this medication, you need to consult your doctor. The doctor should prescribe it for you to avoid any complications.

  • Interaction between Lipitor and clopidogrel may lower the effects of clopidogrel. Get the attention of your doctor if there is a sign of blood clotting, chest pain, loss of vision, shortness of breath and swelling in extremities.
  • Lipitor and omeprazol (Plavix) can increase the blood levels that may result in a dangerous effect on your muscles.
  • Nexium (esomeprazole) combined with Lipitor may result in dangerous side effects on your muscles.

How It Works

Lipitor works as blockage to the enzyme responsible for creating cholesterol in the liver. Once the cholesterol is released, it is trapped on the cell wall of an artery. Lipitor will totally block that artery to limit the percentage of cholesterol that is being produced.

Generic Alternatives

If Lipitor price is too high for you, try the generic alternative atorvastatin.

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