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Cipro is a prescription drug approved by the US FDA for treatment of numerous bacterial infections. It comes in different forms like tablets, oral liquid suspension, and IV solution. The usual dosage of the drug is twice a day, with a gap of 12 hours in between doses. Like all medicines, this may cause side effects but these are generally minor and last for a few days.

Cipro is part of a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. It is manufactured by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and distributed by Schering Plough Corporation. The drug may be taken before or after meals.  The tablets are swallowed whole, while the bottle of the liquid suspension should be shaken well for 15 seconds before it is consumed.

Short-Term Side Effects

While the drug has been examined extensively and proven safe in many clinical studies, there is still a risk that it may cause side effects. In adults, the most commonly reported side effect is nausea. Other short-term and minor side effects include diarrhea, rashes, and vomiting.

Children are also prone to side effects of the drug like stomach problems, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, upset stomach, stuffy nose, fever, and nausea. Some children also complain of rashes and asthma after using the drug.

Long-Term Side Effects

Cipro-TrueMedCostAlthough the cases are very rare, Cipro may cause side effects like angina, high blood pressure, double vision, and pancreatitis. Other severe but rare side effects of this drug include rapid heartbeat, migraine headache, yellowing of the skin, and abnormal heart rhythm.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

250mg60 tablets$94.00
500mg60 tablets$184.00
750mg60 tablets$117.00


250mg60 tablets$112.00
500mg60 tablets$313.00
750mg60 tablets$91.00


250mg60 tablets$115.00
500mg60 tablets$230.00
750mg60 tablets$149.00


250mg60 tablets$98.00
500mg60 tablets$91.00
750mg60 tablets$145.00

Rite Aid

250mg60 tablets$141.00
500mg60 tablets$239.00
750mg60 tablets$183.00

Sams Club

250mg60 tablets$132.00
500mg60 tablets$264.00
750mg60 tablets$192.00


250mg60 tablets$142.90
500mg60 tablets$290.00
750mg60 tablets$105.00


250mg60 tablets$92.00
500mg60 tablets$60.00
750mg60 tablets$195.00


250mg60 tablets$92.95
500mg60 tablets$184.00
750mg60 tablets$125.00

Drug Interactions

There are certain medications that may react when used simultaneously with Cipro. Drug interactions with this medication may increase risks of side effects, or lessen the effectiveness of Cipro. Doctors are encouraged to know the medical history of their patients, particularly the drugs they are currently taking, before prescribing Cipro.

Some of the drugs that may interact with Cipro are calcium antacid, corticosteroids like Celestone and Cortisone,  Prednisone, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone, Fludrocortisone, and Dexamethasone. Triamcinolone, Didanosine and Erlotrinib could also react with it. The same goes for iron supplements like ferrous sulfate and ferrous gluconate.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs like Voltaren, Celebrex, Lodine, Indocin, Actron, Motrin, Advil, Toradol, Mobic, Flector, and Zipsor could also have an effect when taking with Cipro.  P-glycoprotein inducers like Carbatrol, Doxil, Minipress, Rifadin, Decadron, and Aptivus may also interact with this drug.

How it Works

Cipro kills certain bacteria causing infection by interfering with the actions of two bacterial enzymes called DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV.  These are enzymes that the bacteria need in order to multiply.

These enzymes are needed by the bacteria to copy and repair DNA, important steps required for the bacteria to multiply.

Generic Alternatives

Cipro price may vary depending on the strength and the stores selling it. The generic version of Cipro is usually lower than the regular Cipro price. Generic Cipro tablets are sold in strengths of 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg and 750 mg.  Generic Cipro price of tablets are almost the same as those of the IV solution, which is available in strengths of 200 and 400 mg.  There are more than 15 companies engaged in the production and distribution of generic Cipro tablets.


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