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Chantix is a medication pill created specifically to assist individuals 18 years old and above to quit smoking. It is a non-nicotine prescription drug, and as a nicotinic receptor partial agonist, it reduces the pleasant effects of cigarettes and curbs the cravings for all tobacco products. Chantix should be taken for 12 weeks. For the first three days, the dosage is one 0.5 mg pill in the morning.

For days 4 to 7, two 0.5 mg pills are taken, one in the morning and evening, and for day 5 to the end of the 12 week treatment, the dosage is two 1 mg pills a day, one in the morning and evening. In all instances Chantix is consumed with food and water. Upon prescription the doctor will give the patient a Starting Month Box and two other boxes for continuous treatment.

Chantix Cost Information

The price of a single Chantix pill ranges from $2.30 to $3, while a box costs anywhere from $140 to $174. However, the price can vary among online retailers due to shipping fees.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

.5mg30 tablets$136.00
1mg30 tablets$135.00


.5mg30 tablets$119.23
1mg30 tablets$131.00


.5mg30 tablets$145.00
1mg30 tablets$142.00


.5mg30 tablets$119.23
1mg30 tablets$119.23

Rite Aid

.5mg30 tablets$165.00
1mg30 tablets$150.00


.5mg30 tablets$147.00
1mg30 tablets$119.23


.5mg30 tablets$167.00
1mg30 tablets$129.00


.5mg30 tablets$117.08
1mg30 tablets$117.08

Short Term Side Effects

ChantixTrueMedCostChantix short term side effects include difficulty sleeping, headaches and feeling of nausea. Nausea is the most common short term symptom reported by patients and clinical trials, though in several cases the feelings pass after the first few days of taking the medication. A patient with a history or suffering from mental health problems and depression can aggravate Chantix side effects, so this information has to be disclosed prior to asking for a prescription.

Long Term Side Effects

Using Chantix long term can affect one’s behavior including an increase in suicidal thoughts, depression, irritation and hostility. While some individuals have felt these symptoms immediately after using Chantix, others experience them weeks into the treatment. Other serious symptoms are anger, panic, anxiety, paranoia or hallucinations.

If serious symptoms manifest, administering of the drug should be stopped and a doctor called immediately. In addition, people should report any skin reaction that occurs after using the drug. If symptoms like peeling, redness, swelling and rash appear, the medication should be stopped. A doctor should also be notified if a patient experiences swelling in the throat, face or mouth.

Drug Interactions

Patients should avoid drinking alcohol while taking Chantix as it increases the chances of mood swings and disorders. Antidepressants can also produce any of the side effects stated above, so consultation with a doctor is recommended.

How It Works

Chantix works by affecting the brain’s nicotine receptors.  When a person smokes, the nicotine links up to these receptors, after which the brain releases the chemical dopamine which provides a pleasurable feeling. Chantix works by going after these nicotine receptors and prevents nicotine from getting there. At the same time the drug reduces the amount of dopamine produced by the body, so the pleasurable effect of smoking is reduced.

Generic Alternatives

The generic version of Chantix is called varenicline tartrate, but if you cannot take it there are alternatives available such as nicotine inhalers, lozenges, gum and nicotine patches.

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