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Androgel 1.62% is a daily TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) designed to boost a person’s T levels, and is for male hormone replacement therapy. The drug comes in small packets and a multi-dose pump, and it is an odorless gel. The content of Androgel is the same as the testosterone produced by the body. Dosage for Androgel 1.62% will be determined by the patient’s health provider.

The pump will provide the right amount of medication the patient needs, so if the prescribed starting dosage is two pump presses that is equal to 40.5 mg. A single pump consists of 20.25 mg of testosterone and is applied on one shoulder and upper arm. For 2 pump presses (40.5 mg), the first pump should be applied on the shoulder and upper arm, while the other pump is applied on the other shoulder and upper arm. For 3 pump presses (60.75 mg) one pump is applied on one shoulder and upper arm and the two pumps on the other upper arm and shoulder. For 4 pump presses (81 mg), two pumps are applied to each upper arm and shoulder. The packets are also pre-measured so the patient gets the exact amount they need.

Androgel Cost Information

One 75g gel pump of Androgel usually costs $400 in online stores, although they may be sold for $405 or higher due to shipping and other fees.

Price Without Insurance

CVS Pharmacy

75g of 1%1 gel pump$243.00
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$484.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$465.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$931.00


75g of 1%1 gel pump$213.63
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$420.52
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$455.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$917.00


75g of 1%1 gel pump$280.00
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$559.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$471.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$943.00


75g of 1%1 gel pump$215.57
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$488.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$478.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$930.00

Rite Aid

75g of 1%1 gel pump$275.00
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$514.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$499.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$979.99


75g of 1%1 gel pump$215.11
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$444.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$499.00
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$997.00


75g of 1%1 gel pump$217.76
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$476.00
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$440.99
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$882.00


75g of 1%1 gel pump$210.66
75g of 1%2 gel pumps$416.32
75g of 1.62%1 gel pump$403.92
75g of 1.62%2 gel pumps$805.93

Short-Term Side Effects

AndrogelTrueMedCostShort term effects include difficulty sleeping, skin irritation and redness where the medication is applied, and high blood pressure. Some patients have also experienced mood swings during treatment, and this can also lead to an increase in red blood cells.  The effect of this drug on persons 18 years and below is unknown.

Long-Term Side Effects

Androgel should not be used by a person with prostate cancer as it can make the condition worse, and extensive doses can cause heart failure, swelling of the ankles, body and feet. Furthermore, Androgel can lower a man’s sperm count and may also result in enlarged breasts, sleep apnea and redness on the legs.

Drug Interactions

Androgel is known to interact with levothyroxine, leading to insomnia, weight loss, loss of appetite and tiring easily. However, a patient must not stop taking the medication until a health provider has been consulted. Androgel may also reduce the blood glucose levels in the body so diabetics may have to adjust the insulin they are taking. In addition, testosterone may stimulate warfarin, a blood thinner, making one susceptible to bleeding.

How It Works

Androgel gets into the skin and increases the T levels in the body. This drug is not a remedy for those with low testosterone levels, and to be effective it must be applied according to doctor’s prescriptions. If the treatment is stopped the T levels will go down to below normal levels. Note that this drug is only meant for men.

Generic Alternatives

Androgel is available in generic form as testosterone gel 1% CIII. Other alternatives are testosterone cypionate and human chorionic gonadtropin (HCG).

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